Peculiar Commission Family International Ministries is an evangelical, non-denominational, Bible-based ministry
We believe
that the Holy Scripture is God’s own word written by men as the Holy Spirit inspired them. It is an infallible record of God’s self-disclosure to mankind. The Scriptures are the authoritative and normative rule and guide of all Christian life, practice and doctrine. (2 Peter 1: 20 -21; 2 Tim 3:16-17)
We believe that theres is but one God, eternal, infinite, perfect and unchangeable
We believe
that there is but one God, eternal, infinite, perfect and unchangeable. God is one in His essential being, but in this one being there are three persons called Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Gen 1:26; 11:7; Matt 28:19; Luke 3:21, 22; John 14:16)
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is God. He became man when conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary (Isaiah 7:14; Matt 1:18) in order that He might redeem the sinful man. Christ became man without ceasing to be God. Christ redeemed man by voluntarily giving himself as a sinless sacrifice on the cross, a perfect atonement to satisfy God’s judgment against sin. (Matt 20:28; John 1: 29; Rom 3:25)
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the giver of life, convicts the world of guilt, in regard to sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16:8-11). Through the proclamation of the Gospel, He persuades men to repent of their sins and confess Jesus as Lord. He gives birth to new life and dwells in the life of those born again. (John 3:5-6). The Holy Spirit has come to glorify the Son, who in turn came to glorify the Father. He leads the believer into understanding the truth and application of God’s word. (John 14:15-17, 25, 26)
We believe that one is saved by the grace of God and not by character, law or good works
We believe
that the Holy Spirit is the active agent in our sanctification who seeks to produce His fruit in us (Gal 5:22-23). Though indwelling sin remains a reality, the Spirit of God comes to lead to knowledge of the Lord. In addition to regeneration and sanctification, the Holy Spirit also empowers believers to serve the body of Jesus Christ. While all believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit at conversion, the scriptures clearly show the growing empowerment of the Spirit.
We believe that one is saved by the grace of God and not by character, law or good works. The death and resurrection of Christ are adequate for the salvation of all and offered to all. However, salvation is appropriated only by faith in Christ. Those who repent and believe in Christ as Savior and Lord are born again, adopted into the family of God and receive the gift of eternal life. (John 3:16; Rom 3:21-25)
We believe that the same Jesus who ascended to heaven (Acts 1:9-11) will come back. Those dead in Christ will resurrect from the rest of the dead, and the living believers who will be alive at the time of His coming shall be caught up in the air to join Christ. (1 Thess 4:13-18)
We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; the saved to the resurrection of eternal life and the lost to the resurrection of damnation and eternal punishment. (Rev 20:11-15; I Cor 15:51-57)
We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and that all true believers are members of His body, the Church
We believe
in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and that all true believers are members of His body, the Church. We therefore believe that every believer should be a faithful member of a local church. (Eph 1:22-23; I Cor 12:12, 27)
We believe that the ministry of evangelism is a responsibility of both the church and each Christian. We are therefore called upon by the Lord to be His witnesses in both deeds and word of mouth. (Rom 10:9-15; Acts 1:8; Matt 28:18-20; I Peter 3:15)
Peculiar Commission Family International Ministries (PCFIM) is a Christian Non-profit organization and a family of friends committed to serving, loving God and neighbors while impacting lives of youth, children and women in impoverished communities of Uganda Africa through evangelism, discipleship, social involvement and leadership development.

We work with churches, organizations, schools & institutions, individuals and other like-minded partners to rise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle and dedicated to improving lives, capacity building and giving a future full of hope to vulnerable youth and children around Uganda communities.

Our focus “Children and Youth”

We serve children and youth in greatest need around the communities of Uganda, to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their life conditions through evangelism, discipleship, social involvement and leadership development.
We endeavor to meet physical, social, educational and spiritual needs of children and youth, under our care, as part of our holistic approach to childcare and youth empowerment. We seek to provide education, shelter, food and clothing, health care, leadership and life skills, vocational training, in-kind support, child sponsorship and spiritual nourishment to disadvantaged children and youth, thus meeting the needs of the child and youth. PCFIM encourages all children and youth under our care to explore, discover and develop their gifts and talents and to pursue those gifts and dreams through education, training and mentoring and become fulfilled adults.
Peculiar Commission Family

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Passport:  A valid passport is required for entry into Uganda. Please make sure that your passport is not expired. 
Visa: A single entry visa is required for entry into Uganda. An entry visa for United States, Canadian and Mexican citizens can be obtained at the Entebbe airport in Uganda, upon our arrival. We are suggesting that everyone on the team proceeds this way. You will need to present your passport, your medical card showing you have been vaccinated for yellow fever, and US$50 at the visa desk at the airport to receive your visa.
Vaccinations:   All team members must receive a Yellow Fever vaccination prior to leaving the United States.  Consult with your physician on other recommended vaccinations.
Medications: It is strongly recommended that all team members take anti-Malaria medication as a preventative.
Spending Money: All of your hotels, safari, meals, and transportation expenses are covered in the cost of the trip.  Your only out-of-pocket expenses will be for additional food, beverages, or souvenirs, and US $50 for your visa upon arrival.  There will be opportunities on the trip to purchase souvenirs. We suggest bringing US$100-300 in cash or traveler’s checks, also, one major credit card for emergency.
Exchanging money:  For the best rate and easiest method of exchanging money you will need to bring US$100 bills dated 2003 or newer for exchange.
Emergency Medical Insurance: We strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance.  The travel agent offers both medical and trip insurance for cancellation.  If you have your own, please feel free to use what works best for you.
Emergency Contact Information: Please provide the team leader with a contact name and phone number for us to contact on your behalf in case of an emergency.
Luggage: Each team member is limited to one piece of check-in luggage weighing not more than 50 lbs and one carry-on.
Dress: As a general rule, dress should be modest, but comfortable.  We recommend light weight clothing. It will be warm and humid. Rain is also a good possibility at times. Men, in particular, should plan to bring ample shirts. With the exception of church services on Sunday, men can wear comfortable slacks or jeans, t-shirts or light-weight short sleeve shirts. Women can wear comfortable slacks or pants for free time and non-ministry activities, however long dresses or capris are appropriate when engaged in ministry.  Shoes should also be comfortable. Tennis shoes/walking shoes would be appropriate. Sandals if durable and water proof, due to the possibility of rain and mud. For church on Sunday, the Ugandan people will come wearing their best. Women should wear a full-length sundress. (No pants). Men should wear slacks, and a dress shirt. Ties are recommended but not required.
Other Recommended Items:
Compact Umbrella
Light Jacket - evenings can be cool
Prescription medications/toiletries
Travel pillow
Special Electrical outlet adaptor-Africa uses 220v three-prong outlets
Imodium capsules
Malaria tablets (We may provide)
Bug spray -DEET as the active ingredient- purchase at REI- get the 100% DEET
Basic nose/ear/throat/pain relief medications
Antibiotics (Broad Spectrum)
Film and replacement batteries
Anti-bacteria hand gel
Lip balm
Hat or baseball cap
One bottled water (for first morning)
Small backpack for day trips
Notepad for journaling
Snack food (nuts/trail mix)-
Protein Bars- The diet in Uganda has little protein in it.
Laptop Computers and personal resources - It is recommended that you extra batteries for your computer, as the power is off more than 50% of the time.
Weather: The temperature will be in the 70’s and 80’s with high humidity, cooling off in the evenings. There is also the possibility of an occasional rain shower.
Security: As is the case in traveling to any foreign country or even our own country, we need to be aware of the possible security risks. When we travel through the city and villages, be mindful of petty theft such as pick-pockets. There are some basic common-sense things to do to maximize your security:
Avoid breaking away from your group
Never go anywhere alone. Always have someone with you, and communicate to others where you are going.
Simple things like keeping your camera in your backpack out-of-sight, avoiding flamboyant/expensively looking dress, wearing jewelry, etc. are some ways to avoid standing out in the crowd and becoming a target.
Bottled Water: Bottled water will be provided for you throughout the trip. If you need more, just ask.
Food: All the food at the hotel should be fine for you to eat. However, if you are one of those adventurous people who like to gamble with their health by eating food from street vendors, my advice would be “if it’s not boiled, or you can’t peel it, don’t eat it!” The risk of getting sick is simply not worth it. There are good stores close by for munchies and drinks.
Alcoholic Beverages: Wine or other alcoholic beverages are appropriate with your meal and in the privacy of your group; however, alcoholic beverages are not included in the cost of the trip. Please pay for these drinks separately. Culturally, the Ugandans with which we are working do not accept drinking as an acceptable behavior when ministering, so we ask that you respect that cultural norm and use discretion.
Gifts for children: Suggestions would be school supplies such as pencils and pens, small toys like balloons, balls, etc. Also, children’s books would be well-received. Before giving anything to children, always check with the program director or PCFIM staff member. In the villages, more than one child may approach you and ask you to “sponsor them” or ask for money for school, etc. They are well aware of the child sponsorship programs that many foreign aid organizations have and want to experience the same benefit themselves. Please do not give them money and make promises to help. If you feel compelled to help a particular child or situation, please discuss it with a PCFIM staff member. .
Interaction with the children: You are encouraged to interact with the children as much as possible. Hold them, hug them, and play with them. Show them love in any way possible. When interacting with the village children, here’s one note of caution. Just be aware of where your valuables are and be careful, particularly if you are interacting with several children at one time. Petty theft is a possibility.